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6 Ways I Never Knew Life Would be Better with a Baby

I knew life would change forever after having a baby. What I didn’t expect were the little awesome surprises I’d encounter every day. Here are six ways I never knew life would be better with a baby:

1. How it feels when people say my kids are cute. I know I’m not 100% responsible for my kids’ cuteness, but when someone comments how adorable they are, it sure feels like I am. Day made.

2. The joy that Joy feels when I sing her a song. Hope says I have a terrible voice, but our baby sure doesn't seem to think so. I can sing Itsy Bitsy Spider and she thinks I'm a rock star!

3. Watching their personalities come out in little bursts. My son is a jokester, and this part of his personality has always popped up now and then, whether it was him being the one to start a game of peek-a-boo when he turned one, or “pretending” to eat the dog’s food when he was two.

4. How baby cuddles feel. Before they turn into limb-flailing toddlers, the most wonderful feeling in the world is having a tiny baby fall asleep on your chest. (Until you have to go to the bathroom).

5. Folding tiny laundry. I would have never predicted I’d describe what used to be my least favorite chore as adorable. But what else would you call the act of folding tiny hoodies and tiny leggings? Now if I can just find a way to cut back on the actual amount of laundry I have to do.

6. Unexpected firsts. I knew to watch out for first words and first steps, but I never expected other firsts, like the first attempt at giving a kiss and first time mastering a high-five. And even though each kid is different, I sometimes still feel like a first-time dad — every one of their firsts is a first for me. It’s just one of the things that makes parenthood an ever-changing adventure.

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