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8 Ways to Make the Most of a Take & Toss Cup

1. Fill cup with chocolate milk for 2 minutes of quiet time for yourself.
2. Show your kid how to make bubbles in the milk for an additional 2 minutes of QT.
3. Cut a slit in the top to make a first piggy bank. The lid is easy for you to remove, but not your LO. This way you can steal borrow when necessary.
4. Bring a cup of juice for that mid-errand “secret weapon” in case of a melt-down.
5. Magically turn the new “4-pack” you just bought into an “8-pack” as you open the car trunk and find all of the lost cups you thought you were replacing.
6. Use different color cups to convince a finicky kid that this water is a “new flavor.”
7. Hide multiple drinks around the house to send them on a “juice-scavenger hunt.” (Great for a daddy bathroom break).
8. Done with the drink and desperate for a diversion? Convert the cup into a brand new sandbox or bathtub "toy." Tell your kid there's no need to write a thank you note for this thoughtful, surprise gift.

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I am new to your site and I have to say I am LOVING it! Very relatable and personal! I love this it! I have never used your products but I would love to!!

I love the take and toss cups and for a couple of years you added a "girl" color scheme as an option but not a "boy" color scheme. So frustrating since I am always trying to keep things sorted out between my boy/girl twins. I got called on the carpet by a stranger in a restaurant once for gender stereotyping but if it helps me to have a bit of sanity in knowing who drank what I embrace it. Anyway, I am so excited to see that you now have a boy color scheme! I bought out my local Target and was super disappointed to not find them online. Please, please, please start carrying the boy color scheme more widely! Thank you!!