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Going Solo

It only occurred to me the moment Hope pulled away for the “Hope-Day” I insisted she take, that since Joy was born, I had never been fully in charge, alone, of both kids for more than an hour. And when it did occur to me, I realized that I had 8 hours to go before she returned. Right at that moment, I heard Joy cry out from her crib. She was awake. Chance would soon follow. It’s on, I thought. Do not blow this. I have no doubt in my abilities to take care of my kids, but to be honest, Hope just makes it look so easy, and I wanted to prove to her that I could make it look easy as well. Even if it wasn’t.

I’ll admit I took a few shortcuts. Chance wanted peanut butter toast for breakfast, and refused to eat anything else. We didn’t have any peanut butter. So I mashed up a peanut butter cup left over from his Easter basket. One candy-based breakfast isn’t gonna kill anybody, right?

I planned a trip to the park for some fresh air. And because I realized that the more time we spent outside of the house, the less cleaning up I had to do. I packed up the stroller with Joy’s favorite distractors, let Chance put his own coat on inside out, and headed out. We almost made it before I realized Joy needed a change and I had forgotten to bring any diapers.

Back home, Chance decided he didn’t want to go to the park anymore. I had 4 hours left until nap time to keep them busy. I’m not proud of what I’m about to say, but fellow parents, let’s be honest with each other. We all worry about letting our kids watch too much TV, but the truth is, it really works at keeping their attention. And I only meant to let them watch for an hour, Chance with his Disney flicks, and Joy with her colorful animated zombie-like creatures that she loves. But everything just stayed sooooo quiet, I didn’t really realize how long they were watching until Chance pointed out it was lunch time. Oops.

The rest of the day was a bit, shall we say, disjointed. The kids both knew something was off in the routine, I let them sleep way too long at naptime and we pretty much just snacked all day because I couldn’t quite get lunch right.

When Hope came home, they were so happy to see her, and she was quite impressed with me. When she said, “Thank you for having them already in their pajamas!” I didn’t have the heart to tell her that they were actually STILL in their pajamas. I guess that’s called making it “look” easy?

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